What’s so cool about watching competitive e-sports?

So, you’re tempted by the insomnia LAN lark, though you’re just not sure about this professional gaming thing?

I was once in your shoes. I enjoyed playing TF2, but just couldn’t get excited about watching competitive TF2. I didnt know my infused from my epsilon or my little pwnies from my pubstar heroes.

I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of people from the TF2 community such as Comedian from VanillaTF2.org, loads of comp players that came to check out the box and then getting a special invite, well Trell getting an invite and me tagging along, to watch team dignitas play TCM gaming live in dignitas’ box. This gave me a great insight into what goes on in a proper comp team, despite most of it being shouted in Finnish (I think).

Then I went to the grand final of the TF2 tournament at i43. Four hundred ish people filled the exhibition hall to watch the final live with another 600 (I think) watching the livestream. The energy of the crowd was amazing, but dont take my word for it:

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Apache is the UKCS executive admin for TF2, forum moderator and some would say one lab accident away from being an evil genius. He attended i43/i46 and is eagerly awaiting i49 later this year. When not gaming he is usually found at his desk pretending to be a PhD student or at the range training the university target rifle team.