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We spent a long time researching the different vendors that we could use for printing our merchandise, and we came to the conclusion that to bring the greatest variety of printing options and merchandise types to our members that we'd need to have two online shops.

Spreadshirt gives us the opportunity for huge customisation of the shirts(think of things with your name on!), and a variety of different printing techniques. Along with the standard Direct-to-garment printing, they also allow us to use vector designs that means shirts can have a huge number of finishes, such as reflective surfaces and flocking. Spreadshirt also offers us a huge variety of different types of apparel and other merchandise. MySoti gives us a totally different possibility for printing - rather than offering huge numbers of different types of shirt, they specialise in large scale printing (think of the entire front of your shirt!) in ultra high quality (300 dots per inch - trust us, it's a lot). Due to the increased quality of the MySoti merchandise they do come at a higher cost, however we still believe they are excellent value for money and a great place to get shirts from!

We recommend using Spreadshirt if you want to have smaller designs printed on your shirts, or you're after customised shirts or specialised finishes and MySoti if you are after ultra-high quality shirts. We'll be putting as many designs as feasible onto both of the stores, but due to the different printing areas that are possible there will always be differences between both shops.

Make sure that when you order, you check the size of shirts or other apparel you are ordering!

Something you want isn't in the stores? No problem! - drop us a line on the UKCS Forums and we'll try to accommodate what you'd like. This can be requests for designs in different colours (for flock/flex designs), designs in different placements or just the same designs on different items - tell us what you want and we'll see what we can do!

Certainly! We love getting member submitted designs, and if they are suitable to go on the shops we'll put them there with full credit to you! There's some comprehensive guidance on what we'd need from you on the T-shirt competition page.

Absolutely not; UKCS is run entirely by member donations! We guarantee that when you buy anything from our Merchandise shops that you are getting the very best deal possible. Unfortunately, some products are naturally more expensive purely because the shirts or printing methods being used - there's nothing we can do about that!

Because we don't take any profit from the sales, we can't give anyone any monetary reward for their designs, but we can definitely give you full credit!